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The “dot” and the word that follows it

20 maio

No more hesitation, the moment of truth has come and now it’s all about your imagination and GoDaddy’s domain search saying the magical words: Good news, this domain is available. If you already did this, you will understand what I mean, or if not, maybe you will never have this misfortune of searching through dozen of names till you find an available one.

I'm feeling lucky about taking over the internet

The perfect-good-name.com represents a great opportunity for brands, recently Facebook bought fb.com for $ 8.5 million. Hotels.com domain, today the most popular hotel booking website, was bought for $ 11 million in 2001, two years later the company was acquired in a $ 1.1 billion deal. Evidently, the numbers are really impressive but the domains are losing relevance in a new internet.

In the next years, the Internet will be invaded by new generic domain extensions like .shop, .technology, .microsoft, .london and .guru, these domains will be on the same level as others Top Level Domains such .com and .org and they are already available for purchase. Will this change the relevance of the domains? I say that in no more than 5 years and these domains will not even exists.

Search engines will contribute first to this near future. While hundreds of new domain extensions will be great for new brands, they will be perfect for fraud too. All sizes of brands will loose some important domain names due to fraudulent activities. Like a super hero saving the brands, the search engines will intervene in search results ignoring the keywords that appear in domain name. Without relevance, why does the domain name needs to be so perfect?

Today, new users don’t care about domain name. Yes, observe a child or any new internet user and you will see that they don’t actually use the address bar to type the complete domain name, they know Google and Google says what is good for them. They might write the complete domain name in the search box but not in the address bar, but if they do it right it’s not a problem because the DNS can do it work. So, if the user just searches, why do the companies need a domain name?

Feeling lucky, take over the world. Come on, if you own the biggest search engine in the world and you make the most used internet browser, and this browser is silently updating itself every week, why do your users really need memorize a domain name? That’s easy. No search results, no money. But if you were the faraway second biggest search engine of the world and you make the second most used internet browser, why does your user really need to see the search results? Think about it. This is all still in its early stages.

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