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Smart Home: The Next Big Gold Rush

7 jun

All the big players have been gearing up for this for a long time. The first step was put the right device inside the house and put the remote control on people hands. This week, the “remote control leader”, Apple, announced that they will launch a new software platform for Smart Home.

The Home Kit will allow a developer to use a simple set of controls to toggle the states of devices or send commands to them. As expected from Apple, it will only work with devices the are part of the “Made For iPhone” program. This announcement, similar to announcements as iPod, iPhone, iPad and the MacAir, has the potential to be a trigger to start a new revolution. But this time, Apple will be not alone.

Microsoft bets on XBox for home entertainment, and they are thinking about ways to control the entire house someday, and this day is coming with the new Windows Phone 8.1. Embrace yourselves, because when the new smartphone apps integrate with the XBox and your Windows PC, the Cortana (Microsoft’s personal assistant) can be the hostess of your house.

Samsung wants a slice of this pie. The company already leads the U.S. Smart TV market and is growing fast in the smartphone market. It wouldn’t be surprising if the first words some people says when they get home were, “Hello, Galaxy”. But, if the Samsung devices are running on Android, Google, and the recent acquired Nest, will want join this club, and maybe reassess the Android @Home fiasco.

Let’s see what’s coming. And after this, the next: Personal Health.


They got tired of playing on their smartphones and are going to play a bigger game

Espero que isso te infernize

29 nov

Que a verdade seja dita: Bem lá no fundo, sou antipático e antisocial. Faço um esforço enorme para aguentar tolices ditas a minha volta todos os dias mas, felizmente, sou convincente o bastante para que as pessoas gostem de mim e continuem me aguentando (ou o contrário).

Ultimamente meus dias vem se resumindo em acordar pela manhã, sorrir forçadamente para primeira pessoa que eu vejo, ir para o trabalho e desejar que o dia seja bom para todos no caminho, mesmo sabendo que essa ação não passa de um impulso sem qualquer tipo de felicitação ou desejo real.

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